These Biscuits Have Separate Fan Bases of Their Own

Biscuits. Who doesn't love them? Biscuits are mostly termed as snack items and some even serve for breakfast. Every biscuit has its own taste and hunger serving capabilities. Few biscuits are too boring as they do not have that 'greatness' in them. But the following are not at all boring and even have their own fan bases.

1. Hide & Seek

Those chocolate chips on the square shaped biscuits. What a topping! Hide and Seek fans are mostly those who love chocolate more.

2. Good Day

Cashew or butter we don't care. Both flavours are great. Brittania Good day is known to satisfy hunger and so it is mostly a breakfast item.

3. Marie Gold

The classic Marie Gold! Those round biscuits with many holes in them. Best for munching in the chai or even coffee.

4. Bourbon

Sugar patients please stay away. Sugar topped sweet chocolate creamy biscuits. The long rectangle shape is also one of its uniqueness.

5. Milk Bikis

Made with milk. So both healthy and tasty. The funny and crazy faces on the biscuits are just great to compare and play with siblings. "Mommy! Brother got the smile face and I got the sad face..."

6. 50 50

Sweety and salty. Square shaped and holes. 50 50 just easily gets melted in the mouth.

7. Jim Jam

That jelly in the centre is just awesome! Sugar quoted jelly with the vanilla cream biscuit is of sweet great taste.

8. Dark Fantasy

It can't get much darker. Chocolate lovers will just die for the chocolate in this biscuit.

9. Oreo

Tastes great if dipped in milk. Oreo is latest one among all and that sandwich like chocolate biscuits and the white cream in between just tempts by even looking at it. By the way, the advertisements of Oreo are cute.