Some Facts of Dhoni You Don't Know

Who would have thought a boy from Ranchi would bring two world cups for India? That boy is none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni. No doubt he is India's pride.
Below are some of the facts that many of us do not know about Dhoni.

1. Dhoni is a Non Veg Lover

M. S. Dhoni is a Foodie. His favorite dish was “Chicken”. Sakshi Dhoni, Wife of Dhoni carry electrical cooker everywhere all the time so that she can cook delicious food for him. Dhoni prefers Sakshi’s hand food more than any other.

2. Dhoni’s Favorite Singer

Since Dhoni is a fan of Classic Hindi Films, his favorite singer was “Kishore Kumar”. Kishore Kumar is an Indian playback singer and well known for his romantic mood songs.
Though the music world is updated to a next level, but still Dhoni loves to hear old classical songs over and over.

3. Paramjith Singh, the Man Who Made Ms. Dhoni

I guess if there was no Paramjith Singh, there would have been no Ms. Dhoni. He was the first man who helped Dhoni land his first bat contract back in 2000. Paramjith Singh hired a car and drove overnight with Dhoni to reach Kolkata to make Dhoni to play against the West Zone.

4. Dhoni's Racing Team With Nagarjuna(Telugu Film Star)

“Mahi Racing Team” is a Supersport World Championship team founded by Ms. Dhoni and Telugu Film star Akkineni Nagarjuna is the key member of Mahi Racing Team. In 2012, the team entered the last round of the 2012 season under the name MSD R-N Racing.
But in 2014, the team faced budget difficulties which made them quit.

5. Dhoni's Secret Wedding

Dhoni made sure to keep his wedding away from the media. He invited only his best friends and family. Actor John Abraham and Bipasha Basu are the only actors to be the part of his wedding.

6. Dhoni is Romantic at Heart

Dhoni is an expert in making Sakshi happier. Whenever he has time, he likes to spend with his wife Sakshi. Whether it is at home, or taking her out on exclusive dinner date.

7. Water Boy for Sachin Tendulkar to Captain of Sachin Tendulkar

Ms. Dhoni is a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar, he worshipped him as an Idol. Dhoni was selected in East Zone. At that time he met Sachin Tendulkar, as he asked for water and drinks. He struggled, worked hard, risked his life, and finally he made it. He becomes the captain of his Idol.