One Story Among Millions of Unemployed

Unemployment is everywhere. Each unemployed person has his/her own frustrations and stories to tell. This is the story of one of such an unemployed graduate. Let us call him Srinu.

Just Graduated

Srinu is from a town in India, who completed graduation (engineering) with an 'ok' percentage. With his graduate certificate framed to his bedroom wall, he continued to spend days sleeping on the bed for half a day and roaming around the streets for another half. In the beginning, his fathers' words showed some impact. So he used to open the internet and search for jobs. But later, they became routine prayers. His father searched a job for him on recommendation and Srinu attended the interview. Eventhough it is a recommendation, his 'percentage' kicked him out. One day, a friend called him and told him about an opportunity of a lifetime.

The opportunity of a lifetime - Going to Hyderabad(Hyderabad is a big city nearby), attending two month long course and trying for a job.

Srinu liked the opportunity for two reasons : His father will be satisfied as he is atleast trying to do something. Second, Srinu thought that the course institute will help him find a job.

The First Course

So with Rs. 10000 in the bank account for two months rent and Rs. 1500 in pocket for daily expenses, he and his friend travelled to Hyderabad. As planned, they searched for a hostel and found an average one. That evening, they roamed around institutes, talked with instructors, chatted with other such students, searched internet and read the hoardings to decide on the best course to learn. Later due to an institute's discount offer on a course, they decided to learn JAVA and C. The course went on for 2 and a half months. After the combo course completion, the institute started conducting interviews. After trying for a few, Srinu lost hope. He blamed everything - his percentage as the main culprit, his engineering, his financial position, other students who were a competition for him, the companies which rejected him, and finally himself.

Course Again!

He met with the course instructor that taught him JAVA and discussed about his situation. Luckily for him, the course instructor is supportive. But unluckily for him, the course instructor gave him the advice of learning another course! This time it was Python. He paid the fee and learned the course for another 1 and a half month. Again, he tried interviews. After failing again and blaming again, he left the institute and just remained in his hostel room for few days. By this time, his friend gave up and left for his home town for doing his higher studies. Srinu searched the internet and found out that business analytics is booming now. He enrolled in an institute again.

Unexpected Luck

After paying Rs. 25000 as fee (the course is a bit costly) and while attending the classes, one day, his mail clinked. He was both happy and sad when he saw it. He got a job in a big software company. He shared the news with his parents and later joined the company. He was given a position almost as a call centre guy but he was satisfied as atleast he got a job and that he will recieve salary at the end of the month.
Note : This is not a happy ending.