What Women Are Facing From Long - Written By A Frustrated Girl

The status of women in India is subjected to many changes from past till the present era. We have seen a great decline in their status from ancient & medieval times to now. Today we see women in respective fields performing their respective jobs sincerely. There are many women rights like equality, dignity, and freedom from discrimination, etc.
However, women in India continue to face numerous problems such as sexual assault, domestic violence, gender inequality and dowry.

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Every day, we come to know about crimes like rape, child marriage, killing of girl child, forced prostitution on young girls, etc. Police records in India show a high rate of crimes against women. Earlier, many crimes were not reported due to the social stigma attached to rape and molestation. But now, women being educated know their rights and complain without hesitation. Then too, there is seen a rapid increase in crimes which makes it unsafe for women to move safely in India.

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Acid attack is one of them. According to a study, India is the fourth most unsafe place for women to reside. Many already came to a conclusion that women belonging to any caste, religion, class and creed aren't safe here. The mentality of most of the men here is that they assume girls have to accept what they demand even if it is a proposal for marriage or divorce. The cruelty reaches a stage that if a women refuses to do so, acid attack is the result. Maybe the aim is to make her life in such a way that if she don’t want to live with them, she don't have a right to live with anybody else.

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There is another cruel common fear which girls are facing from the beginning of the world. It is the fear of being raped. Earlier it was reported that only young girls and women are raped. But today, no girl, woman is safe. Not even a new born is safe. Recently, India came across news about the rape of a 2 weeks baby and also a 75 year women. Where are we heading? How cruel a man can be to rape a baby who cannot even cry properly or an elderly woman who is like a mother? It seems humanity is reaching its end.

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Then there is child trafficking and young prostitution in which girls from villages are kidnapped or bought from poor parents who need money. These girls are sent to different places to work as prostitutes or full time workers in home and earn money for their owners.
Is it possible to transform this country such that every women living here feels safe to move even at night? For this we have to first think about bringing change in ourselves. May be looking at us, others too might get inspired and the future at least will be safe.